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Nitrogen Generator Membrane

Model T6-4P3-BB (Ext. Compressor not shown)

GCS, Inc. engineer, design, and manufacture nitrogen generator membrane systems using PRISM membranes, the industry leader in membrane separation technology.


  • Add the convenience of making your own nitrogen!
  • Portable or fixed installation applications.
  • Manual or PLC controls
  • Expandable cabinet design allows for future growth
  • No moving parts
  • Optional “auto-tune” purity controls
  • Bottle backup and N2 waste option available

Permea membrane systems selectively separate compressed ambient air to produce an enriched nitrogen stream. Selective permeation is the general principal behind the Permea membrane.

How Nitrogen Generator Membrane System Works?

Each gas has a characteristic permeation rate that is a function of its ability to dissolve and diffuse through a membrane. This characteristic allows “fast gases” such as oxygen to be separated from “slow gasses” such as nitrogen.

By selectively removing the oxygen from ambient air we create a nitrogen enriched stream that can be regulated in terms of flow rate and purity to meet a variety of industry needs and product applications.

Permea nitrogen systems create nitrogen without the use of valves and other moving parts which require additional maintenance. The 4 stage filtration system ensures long separator lifespan for years or trouble-free operation. GCS systems are also expandable for future needs of growing nitrogen gas users.

Nitrogen Generator Membrane

Nitrogen Generator Membrane

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