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Oxygen Generators

The GCS oxygen system, an on-site PSA oxygen generator, is specifically designed to meet central pipeline and other oxygen needs. GCS can supply our GCSO series of oxygen systems with capacities up to 2000 SCFH (56Nm3/h),which can be customized for larger central pipelines as a single unit, duplex skidded, or multi-unit oxygen system.


  • Oxygen Directly from Compressed Air.
  • High System Efficiency with Low Operating and Maintenance Cost.
  • Time-Proven Process Technology and Key Components, Top Quality Pneumatic Control Valves are Used, Reducing Possible Gas Leakage. PLC Process Control – Automatic and 24-Hour Unattended Operation
  • Optional Touch Screen HMI Central Control System can Control and Monitor All Running Data of the System, Warning Alarm, alert for Routine Maintenance, even Remote Control Operation.
  • All Process Valves of the System are integrated into a Standard Cabinet, Reduces the Running Noise of the System.
  • All GCSO Oxygen Systems are manufactured and strictly tested in GCS Inc’s  Facility in USA.
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